Louiscipher is wildly acknowledged as the most disliked and worst person in the online world of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, and now Street Fighter V. His many aliases include Alexisdabomb, but many now call him "Mini DSP". In Street Fighter 5 his Fighter ID is ISpitOnYourGrave. Many links and screenshots are included because as expected, he claims it is all lies.

Louiscipher is widely known to:
  • Be terrible at the game (3rd strike, and now SF5)
  • Have a huge ego and desire for status
  • Lie that he plays offline - but actually just picked up 3S through GGPO online
  • A 10-year consistent history of raging, staying a "scrub" and getting banned on forums
  • Rage, complain and blame loses on lag and "gimmicks". Ironically, he does not acknowledge his own reliance on "lag gimmicks".

About Louiscipher

Louiscipher does not play offline, but he blatantly lies and pretends that he does. When he loses he usually goes into RAGE fits and blames lag tactics or online gimmicks, though he has never played offline himself. Since 3rd strike is a game designed specifically for arcade use, online play is not regarded seriously. Wanting recognition, he lies that he plays offline and says things like:
  • “I don't take online seriously”
  • “There's people who only play online and will never play offline... like Artayes”
But when asked where or who he has played with offline, he will typically change the topic, never providing answers other than empty excuses. An obvious flaw in his lie is he started learning the game on GGPO (predecessor to Fightcade) around 2008 - when the offline 3S scene in the USA was practically dead. Some joke that Alexisdabomb plays at home against the CPU when he says he plays offline.
Louiscipher was the laughing stock of 3rd strike online
Perhaps the best evidence that "Louis" never plays offline is his very low skill level or "scrub-biness". His ego and inability to admit he is a "scrub" means he has not been able to improve after almost 10 years. Instead, he rages and complains - often bullying new players and then berating them for losing. On GGPO he was so despised he had to use many aliases, such as StompThePainAway.

One year after Street Fighter 5 was released, he was already banned multiple times on multiple forums for being a raging scrub and scumbag. Repeatedly trying to return, but repeatedly getting banned within weeks, his usernames included ISpitOnYourGrave, Mikafanboy696969 and Irondiksmasher. Hilariously, he does not realize he is a scrub in SF5 (using R. Mika) exactly like he was a scrub in 3S (using Alex). He is secretly also very active with numerous accounts on 'Kappa' and YouTube FGC discussion.

Louiscipher was confronted and publicly exposed over the years. A recurring tactic of Louis is to discredit or smear the people who expose him; hoping others do not believe their words. If he fails to get the support of others, he will try to change the topic or play the "troll" card, saying "I was just trolling" or "they are trolling me". He will then go back to edit his old posts or privately ask admins to delete threads.

On 3S Online Edition, Louiscipher used many names on both Xbox and PSN, hiding his scumbag antics and scrubby failures. One of his primary usernames on O.E. is (was) Alex3rdStrike. He is known to rage and send hate mail all the time. He also behaved exactly the same in the online KOF community, where he is known to be a rager and scrub.

Louiscipher (1P) hilariously raped by 2Nasty (2P) and then rages on GGPO in 2012:

Louiscipher is known to use racial insults towards people he gets mad at in game and on forums. Depending on the person's race, he hurls different racist insults, then blatantly denies it. Examples are "asian snob", "eurotrash piece of shit", "nigger" and insults about Japanese war crimes.

People who know Louiscipher's history and are able to verify that he is a scumbag and scrub include yuuki, Harmonaz, Cruise, metric, korcotxan, 2Nasty, aku, Womble, Val-Venis and many others.


When he first started on GGPO, Louiscipher did not know how to play 3rd Strike. He looked up to 2Nasty as an “awesome” Alex player and sucked up to 2Nasty. He asked 2Nasty to teach him how to play Alex. After some time, when Louiscipher found out that 2Nasty was not respected, Louiscipher turned on his "teacher" and started shit-talking to him. Louiscipher has since tried to get rid of all traces linking himself to 2Nasty.

Louicipher was confronted or “exposed” numerous times on GGPO, SRK forums, YouTube, Reddit, etc. Each time Louis would go to great lengths to destroy the evidences against him - editing his own posts, asking admins to delete posts, even deleting his own YouTube comments and deleting the YouTube videos of himself "owning" new players. (At one time there were over 50 such videos on his YouTube channel. They have all been deleted. Louis even went back to other YouTube videos and deleted each of his rage comments).

Alexisdabomb - Street Fighter's biggest online rager

On the SRK forums, Louiscipher has always been very "vocal". Initially, he raged at and shit-talked to many posters, unaware that some were respected, good players. In the process, he exposed himself as an ignorant scrub with a terrible attitude, and a typical internet rager. At some point, Louiscipher realized he wanted to be respected on the SRK forums, and started sucking up to the respected posters. Wanting to be a "somebody" in the 3s community, he started posting frequently and posed as a knowledgeable player on SRK. He also posted wrong information and inaccurate "character guides".

But inevitably, his true self eventually came out and he has since been exposed (again). He eventually went into the SRK General Discussion section, where he also became widely hated as a "scumbag scrub" and laughing-stock. As of early 2014, Louiscipher was banned on SRK. He then started posting under his alternate account, Alexisdabomb, and the same pattern was played out once again.

Typical rage from Louiscipher - keep losing, then win 1 and quit (Nica KO FightCade Aug. 2015):

Louiscipher had a secret account on the SRK forums he simultaneously used called Alexander, which he used to praise himself, ask embarrassing scrub questions, post about SF4, and continue talking in threads after he got embarrassed/exposed. Under his Louiscipher account in front of the 3s crowd he pretended to hate SF4. Threads that Alexander made include:

Back in 2013 Mixah, an SRK forum member learned that Louis lives near him and invited him over to play fighting games. Louiscipher then used this excuse to continuously lie and make bold claims like "I do play 3s offline", or "I've actually found people to play offline". Some time later, Louiscipher unintentionally revealed that Mixah was the only person he has ever played 3S offline with. Mixah later disclosed that they only ever met once.

After this wiki page about him became widespread, Louiscipher has since unsuccessfully attempted to get it deleted, while trying to stop it spreading and discredit it as lies. He also hid behind more than 10 names on GGPO/Fightcade.

Street Fighter V

Before the release of Street Fighter V, Louiscipher posted frequently in the SF5 section of the SRK Forum under his Alexisdabomb account. He acted in typical scumbag manner, seeking attention and recognition. He quickly exposed himself as a "retarded" scrub, with embarrassing things like:

Due to his giant ego, when people pointed out his many errors he ignorantly refused to back down. He quickly became a hated laughing-stock, never wanting to admit he is a scrub. He often spam-flagged or down-voted the posts of people who pointed out his errors.

By January 2016 Alexisdabomb was banned from the SRK Forums again. He then created over 22 spam accounts to voice his rage and spam hate-mail towards members and mods. He relentlessly continued being despicable even though nobody wanted him, leading to him getting IP-banned. He migrated to NeoGAF, but quickly became notorious as a raging, scrub scumbag. He was banned within a couple of months. Bitter, he made several attempts to sneak back into SRK but was discovered every time simply because of his "retarded" scumbag nature. He then resorted to posting on Kappa "full-time" under numerous accounts, though he had always been a regular there.

Even on /r/Kappa and /r/StreetFighter, people quickly realized he is a terrible scrub, rager and scumbag. Many posters (e.g. Spabobin and l2edford) pointed out his errors, but he ignored advice and started raging at them. He then made dozens of accounts to smear l2edford, anonymously attack him and spam threads likening l2edford to DSP. But Louis himself is actually dubbed "mini DSP". His numerous accounts (e.g. HoriFTW, kikeford, crapford, l2edturd, Hori--FTW, ISpitOnYourGrave420, MLKKK69) and throw-away accounts have been purged by Reddit at least twice for rampant vote manipulation.

In November 2016, people exposed his CFN Fighter ID - RickiOh. In response, he changed his CFN Fighter ID again to ISpitOnYourGrave (he had previously changed it once already from FrankBooth for the same reason). With this new alias and "clean slate", he returned to SRK. Within 3 weeks was banned yet again for the aforementioned reasons. The third cycle was complete - ISpitOnYourGrave was banned in the exact same pattern as "Alexisdabomb" and "Louiscipher". His Reddit account ISpitOnYourGrave420 was also banned soon after.

In SFV he constantly rage quits (especially before RQ penalties existed). He refuses to admit he uses R. Mika in a brainless, scrubby way and often rages at people when they point it out (just like he refused to admit he was a scrub in 3rd strike for 10 years). He often brings up his Diamond rank, which has since been exposed to be obtained via cheating.


  • Cruise, a well-known Urien player on GGPO, regularly beat Louiscipher easily on both GGPO and 3SOE. Louiscipher would rage at Cruise, complain and make excuses as usual. Over time, he developed a deep hatred and bitterness towards Cruise. He often rage quit and “plug-pull” while playing Cruise on 3SOE, especially when he was just about to lose. One time, this was caught on video by Cruise and uploaded to YouTube:

  • Another known player on 3S Online Edition that Louicipher regularly raged against was Duralath. Although Duralath was known to be nice, he could not stand the scumbag behavior from Louis and decided to expose him by uploading stills of his raging hate mails (more than 10 at the time). Since then, Louis has tried to destroy the evidences and claim that he was "just trolling”. This incident was posted on the SRK forums. Since Duralath is well respected, Louiscipher now blatantly lies about what happened. The actual truth is here and here. (thread)
Rage and plug-pull in 3sOE, then send pages of hate mail
Rage PM Sample 1: http://i.imgur.com/uSQqzud.jpg
Rage PM Sample 2: http://i.imgur.com/T60oCdR.jpg

  • Caught watching transsexual pornography - In 2013, in another argument on GGPO, Louiscipher uploaded a screenshot of himself beating \FistOfTheNoob. Unwittingly, he did not crop out the tranny porn he had on his desktop and this screenshot has since been uploaded to the SRK forums. The raw screenshot was originally linked here but removed by request of administrators after Louiscipher requested the site to be deleted. Note that this wiki no longer contains any links to offensive inappropriate material.

  • Caught spamming fetish pornography on a Japanese player's Twitter - Louiscipher discovered the twitter account of Japanese Yang player, Roshihikari. He started spamming disturbing fetish pornography at Roshihikari's twitter. Louiscipher thought Roshihikari the Japanese player, and Roshihikari the troll on SRK were the same person.  
  • When someone pointed this out, Louis played the "it was not me" card by posting under his alternate account and calling himself an asshole. This online rage behavior was typical of Louiscipher. He had developed a deep hatred for Roshihikari the forum troll.

  • Back when Louicipher did not know "who’s who", he looked up to Artayes (a Necro player on GGPO) as a "really top player". He posted this statement on the SRK forums. Later, when he saw everyone bashing Artayes and saying Artayes was bad at the game, Louis edited out his posts to remove embarrassment. He then started to "shit-talk" Artayes and attack him on SRK. To prevent Louis from getting the thread deleted, here is a capture of that thread. 
  • Same with yuuki, a top player that Louiscipher always raged at on GGPO. Louis shit-talked him and labelled him the usual "online scrub/gimmick abuser". In 2013, yuuki began posting on SRK forums and became famous and respected. From that point on, Louiscipher stopped and tried to get rid of all evidences of his previous rage antics at yuuki.

  • Exposed as a "scrub" on GGPO and beaten numerous times only to rage and make excuses every time he loses. Rage chat at end of the 1st video below.

  • On 3S Online Edition, Louiscipher also raged often and sent rage hate mail about lag, gimmicks or "cheating" to many people. See 2nd video's YouTube description.

    • Attempt to delete this wiki page - Upon discovering the wiki page about himself, Louiscipher immediately contacted wiki admins to request it to be deleted. He made a complaint thread called "Reporting harassment, invasion of privacy and inappropriate material". As he tried over several months to delete the page, he became desperate and even claimed he would call a lawyer. In the end, Louiscipher was left frustrated and raged at the wiki admins. The admins refuted that he should call a lawyer instead of complaining anonymously.

    2008: Got into 3rd Strike through GGPO around 2008. He did not know how to play and looked up to 2Nasty, an Alex player who eventually became his teacher.
    2009: Louiscipher’s scumbag nature quickly manifested itself. Coupled with his scrubby skills and constant raging, GGPO and forums started hating him.
    2010: There were truly hilarious moments on GGPO as Louiscipher raged every day.
    2011: Had been secretly posting on NeoGAF pretending to be Sanchez, a famous 3s Alex player. Eventually banned.
    2013: After discovering this wiki page, Louis tried over several months to get it erased.
    2015: Claimed to be a "respectable 3s player" on SRK to build a reputation for SF5. Banned within 4 weeks when his true scumbag personality came out.
    2016: Played Street Fighter 5 under the name ISpitOnYourGrave / RickiOh and rage-quit his way to Diamond rank.
    2017: Broke the SRK forum's record for most alternate accounts (30+) banned within 11 months.


    “I'm fucking done with dude's who know Shoto gimmicks”
    “I hate dudes who mash with Shoto's and get away with it”
    “Lag fags piss me off like no tomorrow” please go get AIDS"
    “They all learned how to play online and they all think dash and throw is legit
    “I'm going to spell it out for you: G.O. F.U.C.K. Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F”
    “…if I play someone who was really bad at 3S I'd say 'well, that guy wasn't very good or liked to mash' and that was it. I never continued it, never dwelled on it”

    "My email was exploding with notifications of activity in the Kof thread. Got excited that people are interested about kof again for a second. Little did I know that it's the same old LouisCipher BS all over again. lol" -LazieFreddy

    "I'm starting to understand why for the last 4 years, EVERY time a post got flagged in the 3s section, Louis was somehow smack dab in the middle of the heart of the argument."  -Valaris





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    The most toxic scrub from online 3rd strike, known for being a joke and scumbag. The sheer number of people who acknowledge this proves it no matter how he tries to cover it up. Now a raging scrub in Street Fighter 5, his CFN was Frank Booth (now ISpitOnYourGrave). Perhaps this quote would best sum up Louiscipher:

    "Nobody that has talked to him/seen him enjoys his presence. He is a gigantic trollbait."


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